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We thought we would take a minute to introduce ourselves, the folks behind Fable Floral Design, and give you a little background of how we came to starting this business.We are a (soon-to-be) husband and wife (and dog!) team, and we are so excited to share our story with you.
To begin really telling that story of how Fable Floral Design came to be, we have to go back to the start of our relationship...

Lets go back to 2014 to a Toronto music venue (remember when going to concerts was a thing?). It was a December night, just before the holidays, a woman met a man. That woman asked the man to join her at a country bar down the street after the show where he watched her shout to Shania Twain at the top of her lungs, trying to remember the line dancing moves from her grade 8 gym class. Somehow, some way, she roped him in and their lives were changed forever. 

Skip ahead a bit to them moving in together, getting a dog, experiencing profound love... and loss. They felt that they could do anything as long as they had each other. With him at her side, she decided to leave her job, put her music career on hold, and get into flowers. The flowers called out and they quickly became a part of her. She found herself at a prominent downtown studio who took a chance on her and her very green skills. It gave her the foundation and the strength to grow in the industry. It tested her. It challenged her. 

4 years and a life-altering pandemic later, they were at a crossroads. They were to be married (but you know how that went). They had so much loving energy to give, they decided they would start a business built from that love. They believe that love has many shapes and forms. They now work with couples going through similar experiences as they have gone through themselves with care, support, and kindness. They created something together to bring others joy, happiness, and calm as they navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives together, through this wild and unpredictable time, because that's what they wanted for themselves.

She's an artist, he's a rocket scientist. The dog is a cockapoo.

Meet Mackenzie - a music theatre grad, Bridal Consultant and songstress at heart, wedding floral designer since 2016.

Meet Amir Reza - an aerospace engineer turned healthcare strategist by day & floral secretary/CFO by night. 

Meet Gus - arguably the most important member of the team, super-cuddler, professional model, heart breaker, and puppy-dog-eye master. 

Written by Mackenzie Zufelt 

Photos by Rust & Bark Photography (@rustandbark)


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